Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

One in three people live without sanitation. This is causing unnecessary disease and death. Although huge strides have been made with access to clean drinking water, lack of sanitation is undermining these advances. If we provide affordable equipment and education in hygiene practices, we can stop this senseless suffering and loss of life.

Business Avenger: Diageo

"Water is Diageo’s most important ingredient. It is also an incredibly precious shared resource.

Already today, one person in five has no access to safe drinking water and 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services. At Diageo, we recognise the water crisis affecting communities, cities, and companies around the world and are working to be part of the solution. Water is essential to our own production processes and is vital to ecosystems, local economies, the communities in which we live and work, and especially to grow the crops we use to make our products. Managing our impact on water, and being good stewards of this resource, is our highest environmental priority."

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Case Studies

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RB and set their sights on improving sanitation in India

A twelve-month project to reduce preventable disease has now turned into a three-year partnership between the charity and global FMCG giant, RB.

Today, 2.4 billion people live without access to basic sanitation services such as toilets and almost 1,000 children die each day due to water and sanitation-related diarrheal diseases.

In 2018, RB entered a year-long agreement with to support projects in India that empowered people to find their own water and sanitation solutions. In just twelve months, over 175,000 had been positively impacted and close to 37,000 WaterCredit loans (with a value of $7.6 million) disbursed.
Today, RB and are working in India and Indonesia, with plans to reach over 250,000 people with improved water and sanitation access across the two countries by September 2020.

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