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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

A functioning and resilient infrastructure is the foundation of every successful community. To meet future challenges, our industries and infrastructure must be upgraded. For this, we need to promote innovative sustainable technologies and ensure equal and universal access to information and financial markets. This will bring prosperity, create jobs and make sure that we build stable and prosperous societies across the globe.

Business Avenger: Arm

"Delivering the United Nations’ Global Goals by 2030 requires extensive collaboration across the private sector, governments and civil society. It requires significant investment and innovation as well as fresh thinking about economic paradigms and business models.

At Arm we believe business can and should be making the relevant investments to unlock these opportunities, and in doing so advance the Global Goals. Technology will be a critical enabler to realize this sustainable future. This is the why Arm founded 2030Vision, to unite the technology sector to work together to harness their resources, innovative ideas and considerable skills to turn the vision of the 2030 agenda into a reality. Given the ambition, complexity and urgency of the Global Goals we realised that it would require an unprecedented level of collaboration, scale and impact to engage more with these challenges in order to deliver the world we want by 2030. Getting this right, making sure we understand the issues technology is trying to solve is necessary for us all. This is our commercial future and the future for our planet and everyone who lives here."

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